Guillermo del Toros Pinocchio 2022

After his beloved son Carlo dies in a World War I bombing accident, Geppetto is stricken with grief and struggles to deal with his surroundings. After cutting down a tree that had special significance for him, Geppetto made the decision to create a wooden child. The wooden boy, however, is changed into a living creature with a keen interest in the outer world by a Wood Sprite. Along with his own son, Candlewick, Count Volpe, the owner of a travelling puppet show searching for a star attraction, and Podesta, a military official trying to exploit Pinocchio as a weapon for war, accompany Pinocchio as he learns about the plans of others hoping to take advantage of him. Watch myflix full HD movies now for free.

Duration: 117 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.9