Gone in the Night 2022

Max and Kath have been dating for a while. They want to rekindle their romance with a weekend getaway to the wilderness and a stay at a secluded cabin. Al and Greta are already there when they arrive because they also reserved the home, which causes some tension between the couples. When Kath and Max are given the chance to share a room for the night, it sparks a night of ice-breaking board games that the foursome finds to be too intimate. The following morning, when Kath awakens, she can only find Al, who informs her that Max has fled with Greta. One week later, Kath is still trying to make sense of what happened, so she looks up the cabin owner and gets in touch with Nicholas, who is eager to help the bewildered woman work through her problems. The adults start to get along with one another and work together to discover what is wrong with Max. They start looking for solutions. Join Myflixer Movies and enjoy them at home.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3