Ghostbusters Afterlife 2021

Callie is out of choices and cash so she chooses to take her kids, Phoebe and Trevor to Summerville, Oklahoma to get the farmland once owed by her late dad, who deserted her as a kid. The house contains mysteries with researcher Phoebe figuring out the puzzles, uncovering hidden ghost busting gear she’s not sure about. Joined by her new buddy, Podcast, Phoebe tries to know more about her grandfather, perceiving that something peculiar is creating inside a close by deserted mine. Instructor Grooberson is attracted to Phoebe’s insight and recalls the endeavors of the Ghost busters in 1984 driving the 12-year-old young girl to make a conclusion concerning an impending apocalyptic event. Enjoy new myflixer movies free online at home.

Duration: 124 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.6