French Girl 2024

The narrative centers on Gordon Kinski and Sophie Tremblay as they travel from Brooklyn to see Sophie’s family in Canada against the breathtaking background of Quebec City. Imagine Hugh Grant’s charisma in Notting Hill (1999) combined with Ben Stiller’s shenanigans from the wildly popular Meet the Parents (2000), when a charmingly awkward guy finds himself out of his element with his attractive love interest. The idea is simple: Gordon wants to pop the question to Sophie, but not until his ex-girlfriend Ruby gives her a job offer in Quebec City. This results in a humorous confrontation when Gordon endeavors to win over Sophie’s Québécois family, while Ruby tries to sabotage their relationship. Stream the MyFlixer Free Movies at home.

Genre: 2024Comedy


Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5