There Are No Saints 2022

Neto has recently been out of a Texas jail, liberated on detail after his legal counselor, Carl, figures out how to do something amazing. Recently reawakened in religion and prepared to keep a position of safety, Neto needs to interface with his child, Julio who’s been standing by to see his dad for quite a long time, raised by his mom, Nadia. Neto feels the adoration for his youngster, yet antagonism comes from Nadia, who’s engaged with criminal Vincent, a rough man who doesn’t need her ex around. As Neto manages his past as a horrible cartel implementer, he stands up to his future, stirring it up with Vincent, who chooses to seize Julio and take him to Mexico for protection. Watch My flixer HD Movies at home.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.2