American Carnage 2022

JP is a young man working at Lady Liberty’s Burgers in an effort to assist his younger sister Lily, who is set to start college at Columbia University and make her family happy. ICE agents bust through the door at a graduation celebration and arrest everyone. JP and Lily are then placed in a holding system set up by Governor Finn, who is running for re-election and wants to rid his state of illegal immigrants and anyone they come into touch with. While working with elderly people who exhibit peculiar habits at the Elderly American Tolerance & Understanding Project with fellow probable deportees Big Mac, Chris, Camila, and Micah, JP is given a chance at a reduced sentence. JP tries to carry out his tasks while trying to make the best of a difficult situation, but he can’t help but feel like something isn’t quite right about the building and the people who live there, which prompts him to take a closer look at Eddie, the organization’s leader. You guys can enjoy new movies on Myflixer Ru.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9