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Jack is a moderately aged man with extreme looks and an attitude, however he is plainly troubled and exhausted by his life in the city. In a world loaded with an adequate number of expert and individual contentions, Jack fills in as a recruited professional killer, circumventing the dull and obscure corners of the city to polish off his objectives. While voyaging one day on the metro, he goes over a lady who he finds of appealing interest. Being somebody exceptionally knowledgeable about guilefully chasing after individuals without their insight, Jack circumvents following this lady and arrives at a club. Going in as an expected client, he understands that the lady is one of the numerous entertainers at the club; she sings for paying clients from behind a glass chamber, where the client can see her, yet she can’t see them. Enjoy top rated English movies online on myflixer.

Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.8