Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022

The owner of the record shop, Tori, is prepared to lock the doors and find some night time entertainment now that Christmas has arrived. While she searches for a way to avoid dealing with the holiday, one of her employees, Robbie, is attempting to stay a priority for her. They went to a local pub for drinks and conversation, and when they came back to Tori’s place to continue their drunken celebration, they found that they had been overcome by intoxicated passion. While the pair attends to their sexual needs, a robotic Santa that was put in a nearby store has gone insane and manages to escape, attacking innocent individuals who are just trying to enjoy the festive season. When Tori and Robbie witness Santa attacking a nearby house, they become frightened and rush to escape becoming the killer machine’s latest victims. Stream full length movies now on Myflix.

Duration: 86 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2