Free Guy 2021

The movie takes us to a likable Guy who is a Non-Player Character in a wild open-world video game known as Free City. He comes with the same outfit each day, drinks the same coffee, and works for the same bank. The bank is robbed multiple times a day by the actual players in this “Grand Theft Auto” game but he does not care about anything. Everything is running fine for him and his best Buddy until a real player, Molotov Girl breaks his pattern. He takes interest in Molotov Girl. In the real world, Molotov Girl is a programmer whose name is Millie. She works with Keys who is also a tech expert. Stream English Movies Online On myflixer buffer without taking any subscription.

Genre: 2021ActionComedySci-Fi

Duration: 1h 55min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.7