Blue Miracle 2021

The film illustrates a group of Latino kids that belongs to underprivileged backgrounds. All guys are expecting to win a fishing competition to win cash earnings. Omar is a former street child who was also a drug dealer once. He manages an orphanage for local boys in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Casa Hogar is the name of the orphanage whose funds are low and the bank is ready to collect. Now, the children and teens living there come to Papa Omar to protect their shelter. Wade is another guy who is arrogant and is also the two-time winner of the Bisbee fishing tournament. He accepts to take Omar and a portion of his young men as a team altogether for the organizer to waive his entrance charge. To know more, watch full movie on Myflixers without any subscription plan.

Genre: 2021AdventureBiographyDrama


Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5