Blowback 2022

Nick Mullins (Cam Gigandet) was ready to score after planning the “perfect” heist. He had the target and the buyer, and now all he needed was a crew to complete the job. The problem is that his girl and crew leader Jack (Randy Couture) had other plans. Nick is killed in a hail of bullets as the job is finished.

The crew flees the bank, leaving Nick for dead, and takes over Nick’s big payday scheme. Only one problem: Nick didn’t quite die, and in a desperate bid for survival, he seeks vengeance – one target at a time. With the police and FBI closing in, Nick seeks help from the very people he attempted to rob. If he can survive long enough, he will be able to exact his revenge. Watch movies online on Myflixer Movies site.

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9