Avatar The Way of Water 2022

Nearly two decades after converting to Na’vi, Jake has started a family with his girlfriend Neytiri and raised multiple children, including Kiri, who was made from Dr. Grace’s avatar. After taking over a tribe’s leadership on Pandora, Jake finds fulfilment and peace. However, this peace is soon disturbed when the “sky people” return and General Frances and Colonel Quaritch, who have had their brain data implanted into avatar bodies, are put in charge of claiming the planet as Earth expires. In order to get revenge on Jake for killing his human form, Quaritch has embarked on a hunt to locate the former Marine and plans to kill every Na’vi. Jake realises how hazardous his situation is and leaves the forest with his family to hide with the “reef people” in an effort to avoid detection and defend the defenceless. The military man, who isn’t easily deceived, joins a marine hunting unit to track down his quarry and brings war to the water. Watch Myflixer movies now for free.

Duration: 192 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.2