Alice 2022

Inside a far off area of Georgia, Paul manages his ranch with an iron clench hand, watching out for his slaves, including Alice whom he’s instructed to peruse. With fear of an everyday encounter, Alice strives to avoid inconvenience, tracking down adoration with Joseph and she’s mindful of bits of gossip that something bizarre exists, offered proof of this presence. Joseph talks about escape from the manor, and when calamity strikes, Alice makes a run for it, winding up on a highway street, almost hit by transporter Frank. Discovering that it’s the year 1973, Alice is presented to a totally different world, stunned by pictures of dark strengthening as she attempts to comprehend all that is happened to her. Associating with Frank, Alice looks further into the methods of the cutting edge world, before long setting out on a mission to track down Paul’s spouse, Rachel and defy her primitive treatment. Stream myflixer Latest Movies for free.

Duration: 100 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4