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In terms of overall sales, Converse and Adidas outsold Nike in 1984, which worried CEO Phil Knight since he observed how other businesses benefited from the rise of the star athlete. Nike needed a significant competitive advantage, so Sonny Vaccaro, a marketing executive, was tasked with identifying a gifted basketball player. Such a person appeared to be Michael Jordan, a well-known collegiate basketball player who was about to begin an NBA career and showed a lot of potential for supremacy. His parents, James and Deloris Falk, as well as David Falk of agency handled his business affairs. Fighting fierce competitors who were eager to give Michael opportunities that would change his life. Sonny makes an effort to take a more direct approach by personally visiting with James and Deloris and describing what Nike is willing to do for their son’s future. As soon as a meeting time is scheduled, Sonny, his colleagues Howard White and Rob Strasser, as well as shoe designer Peter Moore, begin developing a presentation for the Jordans. For watching more similar movies, just come to Myflixer 2023 new collection.

Genre: 2023Drama

Duration: 112 min

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IMDb: 7.8