8 Bit Christmas 2021

The story follows 1980s, when Jake was only 11 years. Just a single boy, Timmy Keane, had a Nintendo in his area. Jake used to ride to Timmy’s home alongside different children. From the group, Timmy picked 10 children and permitted them to contact his 8-bit theater setup. It was Christmas time, so Jake requested his dad, John, and mother, Kathy to get him a Nintendo. During supper, his parents gave enough excuses not to purchase a Nintendo so Jake dropped the pursuit in disappointment. He observed his reality and entertainment in watching Timmy playing the game, yet at one point, a misfortune destroyed that chance as well. Timmy “taekwondo the Nintendo” crushed the TV angrily. The 42-inch TV get on Timmy’s dog, and his parents faulted the computer game for it. As the news spread, every one of the parents challenged computer games, and Jake realized that it was the end of his Nintendo dream. But when all that appeared to be lost, new expectation showed up as a rivalry that could earn Jake and his companions a fresh out of the box new Nintendo entertainment setup. Watch the latest movies and TV shows online on Myflixer 2021 for free.

Genre: 2021ComedyFamilyFantasy


Duration: 1h 37min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8