Settlers 2021

Reza is living with his wife, Ilsa, and a nine-year-old daughter, Remmy in a small area. The small territory where they are living includes a greenhouse garden and a poultry farm that makes them self-dependent. All things are going fine but their daughter Remmy’s curiosity is increasing each moment for exploring the new things on the planet. But her mother always stops her from doing so. When Remmy finds the word “LEAVE” on their windowpane, the family gets horrified and hides the truth from their little daughter. But before they could have done anything were attacked by three khaki-dressed rangers. Reza gets success in shooting all of them and leaves the zone. Stream newly released Hollywood movies online on Myflixer 2021 for free.

Duration: 1h 43min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.6