On the Line 2022

Elvis, a seasoned talk radio personality, broadcasts an overnight show at KLAT that draws a fair share of oddballs. With his switchboard operator Mary and his new producer Dylan, who is unsure of how to handle such a temperamental celebrity, Elvis settles in for another broadcast night. As the calls begin, Elvis is able to deal with the warning signs of mental illness, but Gary’s eerie tone presents a challenge. Gary, a former soldier with personality disorders, makes the decision to confront Elvis about the treatment of a former female employee who was coerced into committing suicide after participating in the program. In retaliation, Gary kidnaps Olivia, Elvis’ wife, and Adria, their young daughter. The host is compelled to find the victims inside the building before the kidnapper can kill them. Watch Full HD Free MyFlixer Movies at home.

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3