Rubikon 2022

In 2056, the world is passing on, with Air Domes safeguarding the rich from the harmfulness of the planet. Leader Hannah is a representative of the Nibra Corporation, joined by Dr. Gavin, with the pair advancing toward the Rubikon Space Station, shipped off supplant part of the group, while Dr. Dimitri remains installed. Contained inside the Rubikon is a green growth explore constrained by Dimitri, who expects Hannah is a corporate covert operative shipped off gather his valued work, which he’s gone through years creating. During the stay, Hannah observes an emergency unfurl on Earth, with the planet defeat by an earthy colored haze, removing correspondences with her bosses. To enjoy the most favorited English movies, just come to Myflixer to.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.5