Cruella 2021

Estella is a pre-Cruella girl who also owns a dog. She is never been cruel to an animal. But she blames Dalmatians for the death of her mom who was a poor laundrywoman. She is an orphan who tries to reduce the deprivation from life on London’s swinging streets. For this, she joins with Jasper and Horace and runs some of the scams for survival. Later on, she gets a job in a big department store. Baroness von Hellman is a vendor there in the store that has become like a mentor and mother to Estella. But, after some events, she realized that Baroness is a vile person. To know more, stream full HD movie on myflixer 2021 without hassling with the registrations.

Genre: 2021ComedyCrime


Actors: , ,


Duration: 2h 14min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4