Amsterdam 2022

A 1930s doctor named Burt develops an addiction to his own supply. He manages his own scars and glass eye while also assisting World War I veterans who have facial deformities. Bill, a former soldier who once guarded the men while serving, is reunited with Harold, a close friend from the war, along with the men hired by Liz to perform an autopsy on her father. When the body is examined, it is discovered that a slow poisoning has occurred, but before Burt and Harold can tell Liz about their findings, Liz is thrown under a moving truck, and a mystery man frames the vets for the crime. As they work to make sense of the chaos Bill’s death has left for them, Burt and Harold are being sought by the law. This leads to them running into Valerie, a woman they met in Amsterdam while getting treatment for their wounds sustained in battle. Check out the full HD new movies from Hollywood now only on MyFlixer website.

Duration: 134 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1